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by Wretches

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Debut EP release.



released May 25, 2012

Lyrics written and performed by Tino Molinari | Music written and performed by Wretches (Scotty Rutherford, Brandon Dao, Kevin Lane) | Mixed/Produced/Engineered by Travis Kammeyer at Fahrenheit | Mastered by Miah Lajeunesse at The Soundlair



all rights reserved


Wretches Kingsport, Tennessee

We're a drinking band with an alt-rock problem.

•Tino Molinari | Vocals
•Scotty Rutherford | Guitar
•Brandon Dao | Guitar
•Kevin Lane | Drums
•Herbie Hind | Bass

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Track Name: Young Coves
It seems like you never stopped believing,
That nothing is your fault.
It seems a pointless cause to keep on pleading,
That you were wrong.

You've been all alone for just how long?
I've tried to relinquish all your fears.

I've been where you are stepping twice before,
But everyone has their own way out.
Between the sea and you and me,
This ship could keep on sailing 'round in circles.
You seem to lack the fortitude to turn this thing around.

You run around,
You're run down.

We never had a friendly memory to destroy in the first place.
Track Name: Tigers in Space
May you look upon a face behind no walls,
A cloud of past locations,
Looms above my head but I might find,
A place where I can clear the skies.

We hide ourselves behind a pane of glass,
Translucent from what is past locked in our thoughts.
Depart from me,
Release your hold!

Let's tear it down,
Let's start today.
Time is long over spent dwelling on past regrets.
Let's evolve from stagnant to moving with passion.
The time is now,
Release your hold.

True hearts open.
Track Name: Future Habits
Seeping into the deepest cracks lies images too permanent to crush,
Burned in for good.
I've been lying so motionless,
Scared to close my eyes,
These dreams I have are choking me.

So will you write me off as one of your,
Your past mistakes?
You always chew them up just to spit them right back out.
Just keep your mouth closed.

Forgetting everything we had made,
I'd like to feel that this was all a lie.
My hope has fled.
Confidence is a dying breed that slips away with everyday I breathe.
I hope I'm wrong.

Just keep it closed.
This veil has been drawn,
But cut down soon.
These shades of grey will burst with color.

I've felt this way before but confidence is transient the more I search.
I fear I'll never find the one who makes it all collapse,
The day we met.

But I am confident I'll find the one who knows,
This cold heart grows.

So will you write me off as one of your,
Your past mistakes?
Track Name: (Han) Shot First
You've got a lot to say but never can relay,
The feelings of another.
Inside your mind you are nothing but the victim.

The conversation on this street,
It's plastered with all one way signs.
Your reasons convoluted by your pride,
Selfishness always decides.

You always try to snuff us out,
Censorship down to dead air.
The only one's you see to be at fault,
Are those who convicted you.

But all you do is try to hide behind self-fulfillment.

You've got a lot to say,
But never can relay the feelings of another.
Cuz what it means to you is farther than the truth.
You are self-sustaining...

A perfect lie to live your whole life by.
There is no fixing what you are missing.
You'll never make it past your front door.

Open you eyes tonight,
Open your mind tonight.
Is it not that easy?
Track Name: Cynic
I've been thinking 'bout perfect views,
That look over the landscape of you.
Never finding it hard to lose,
Perceptions of the time that we use.

Two stars collide,
Explosive skies.
Pulse intertwined with mine.
I'll hold my breath,
In the meantime lead me your way,
So we can float.

So we can float.

I've always wanted to share a peaceful silence,
without feeling I need to spill a conversation.

I live in dreams,
False realities.

But there I go talking to myself.
Track Name: Witching Hour
City lights are withheld,
Blackened skies never once should it be obscured,
This cataclysmic chance for conversation.
Do you see what you believe?
Or could it be we're deceived by our little notions,
What really lays past the eye can see?

I never want to know,
Believe me when I tell you once,
There is not a chance we'll ever see that coast.
Some things are meant to be,
Without a message to attach,
To believe in something that we'll never know.

Nothing's worse than the curse,
Of a mind trapped inside of it's thickened shell,
Created from the lies that it was told.
Do you see who you deceive?
Or could it be you believe your own psychosis?
The only thing you see is in the mirror.

I'm wide awake,
Believe what your eyes can't fake.